Political Action Committees (PAC)

The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce has established two separate political action committees (PACs) to protect and advance local business interests. Both Chamber PACs are designed to support candidates with demonstrated records of promoting public policies that foster economic development and job creation. The PACs are vehicles through which business owners and employees can join together to help business-oriented individuals succeed as candidates and elected officials.

The Illinois Growth PAC is organized to support candidates for local and state office in Illinois. The Iowa Growth PAC is organized to support candidates for local and state office in Iowa. Neither of the Chamber PACs are set up or authorized to support candidates for federal office. The Illinois and Iowa Growth PACs are strictly non-partisan and will support candidates without regard to political party. Neither PAC will evaluate or support candidates based on social issues, only business issues. The Political Action Committees of the Quad Cities Chamber support candidates for local and state office who support pro-economy policies.

All contributions to the Illinois Growth PAC and/or Iowa Growth PAC are strictly voluntary. Please note that Iowa law prohibits corporate contributions, so should you elect to contribute to the Iowa Growth PAC to support Iowa-based candidates, you must use a personal (non-corporate) credit card to do so.

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