“Over the past months Quad Citizens have worked together to respond to record flooding that has impacted families, neighborhoods, businesses, and public infrastructure. We must assess ways to improve our region’s plans to minimize this from happening again. Going forward the Quad Cities Chamber will advocate for new riverfront development strategies that incorporate flood mitigation plans to protect and encourage continued investment up and down the Mississippi River. Doing so will preserve the economic benefit for all Quad Citizens and enable us to reach our region’s Q2030 vision,” said Paul Rumler, President & CEO of the Quad Cities Chamber.

“The City of Davenport’s flood protection plan should include strategies to protect businesses, residents and all community assets,” said Kyle Carter, Executive Director of the Downtown Davenport Partnership, a division of the Quad Cities Chamber. “Over $500 million has been invested downtown in the past 20 years, and we need to be able to protect the investments made by businesses, property owners, and the local, state and federal government.”
“Hundreds of businesses in downtown and neighboring commercial districts in Davenport have been affected by flooding this year, losing an estimated $30 million in revenue and wages,” continued Carter. “Flooding is hurting our downtown economy, and we stand behind business and property owners to ensure the best flood protection system is in place to protect investments going forward.”
“We will work with city governments, businesses and other agencies across the region to represent the best interest of businesses as flood protection plans are developed for the future,” concluded Rumler.

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