Live simulation compares financial performance of 5 manufacturing philosophies & improvement methods

Don’t roll the dice when it comes to your company’s manufacturing processes! Join the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub for this live simulation on June 14 instead.

Although geared for training purposes for all levels of manufacturing management, it can be easily transferred to the management of any company that uses a sequential step-by-step approach to delivering a product or service. This is typically a great short-term, educational event designed to generate a lot of improvement thoughts related to system design. 

Presented in partnership with Iowa State University CIRAS as part of the June Hub Huddle, the simulation creates a value stream with four processes – each with an operator, a supervisor over the line, and an accountant that keeps track of the data. Each operator rolls dice to determine hourly capacity then moves that number of blocks through the process. Each block has a raw material cost and a final sales price, while we’ve defined a given labor and overhead expense for every 10-hour shift. At the end of each shift, the financial performance of each scenario is calculated. Then, we evaluate the five scenarios: 1. A totally balanced line with all four processes having equal capacity. 2. A balanced line with variation. 3. A balanced line with a constraint in the process. 4. A balanced line with a constraint and pull manufacturing implemented. 5. A balanced line with a constraint, pull, and an exploited constraint. Each shift is stopped halfway through to ask the supervisor questions based on what they see. The whole process takes one hour, including discussion.

While there is no cost to attend, registration is requested.  Sign up HERE>>

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