​New Supply Chain Mapping tool helps area business ID growth opportunities

The Quad Cities Manufacturing Hub works with our area manufacturers and other companies throughout the defense supply chain to help them grow, diversify and remain competitive.  One such way it does that is with its new Supply Chain Mapping tool, which uses software to help area businesses, as well as economic development organizations, better understand spending and contracting flows in our region.

“Using the supply chain mapping tool, manufacturers and others in the defense supply chain can uncover exciting opportunities for growth through government contracting and partnership identification,” explains Jaimy Szymanski, business development specialist for the Hub. “All regional businesses should take advantage of the wealth of data available here to diversify their supply chains and augment existing capabilities.”

The software can provide dashboard “visualizations” through graphs, maps, etc. of complex data related to defense spending in the region. Access to the Supply Chain Mapping tool is provided through the Illinois Defense Industry Adjustment Program, of which the Hub is a part.

How can the tool be beneficial for businesses?

The tool can help in three main areas:

  • Matchmaking: The data can help companies identify government contracting and partnership opportunities in order to diversify their supply chains and/or increase Quad Cities-based business.
  • Partnerships: It can help facilitate joint competitive bidding for new prime and sub contracts as well as uncover contacts at other defense-impacted companies for businesses to forge partnerships and ventures. 
  • Augmentation: It can help companies diversify by increasing/augmenting new business capabilities and bandwidth.

What data visualizations are available?

  • Department of Defense (DoD) sales
  • DoD weapons systems awards
  • DoD award opportunities
  • Contracting office to Prime flows (inbound to our region and outbound from our region)
  • Prime to Sub-contractor flows (inbound and outbound)

How do businesses get started?

  • Start by emailing us at the Hub:
  • Business Development Specialist Jaimy Szymanski will meet with companies to establish goals and needs and establish a plan for data extraction.  Then the Hub analyzes the data and creates reports based on those needs.
  • Once data is complete, Jaimy will set up a follow-up meeting to review insights and develop next action steps in order for the company to act on the Supply Chain Mapping tool’s reports and contacts.


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