Heads up Quad Citizens! Beginning this week (the week of Monday, March 18), your route over the I-74 bridge is changing.

Local traffic will still be able to get to downtown Moline and Bettendorf but motorists will be routed off of I-74 onto local roads. Watch the video below for everything you need to know to get to your destination:


The latest news:

I-74 Detour and Local Traffic Routes begin March 18

Mar 12, 2019

QUAD CITIES, Iowa and Illinois – The Iowa and Illinois Departments of Transportation announce 2019 traffic impacts and I-74 River Bridge progress updates.

Beginning the morning of March 18, weather permitting, construction of the new I-74 River Bridge will require that all Iowa-bound (westbound) interstate through-traffic be detoured to I-80 and I-280. The I-74 river crossing will remain open throughout construction, however, the Iowa-bound bridge will be reduced to one lane. Local traffic traveling to downtown Moline and Bettendorf will be routed around certain sections of I-74 via local roads.

The departments of transportation anticipate that the new Iowa-bound bridge will open to traffic in the first half of 2020. However, this schedule is dependent on multiple factors, including weather. Snow storms, extreme cold and ice, and floods continued to complicate construction and take a toll on progress in the river. It is also anticipated that more flooding will take place soon due to the spring thaw of ice farther north. With the completion of one of the most complex aspects of the project – the arch – the departments of transportation will have a more accurate picture of the schedule. The departments of transportation are closely monitoring progress with the goal of opening the new Iowa-bound bridge to traffic as quickly as possible.

Download the 2019 Detour and Local Route Flyer here

Iowa-bound Local Traffic Routes

Beginning March 18, weather permitting:

  • Local traffic heading to downtown Moline must use 19th Street
  • Local traffic heading to Bettendorf must use the Iowa-bound I-74 on-ramp at River Drive
  • All on- and off-ramps will remain open on Illinois-bound (eastbound) I-74 during the 2019 construction season

Beginning March 20, weather permitting:

  • Local traffic on the Iowa-bound bridge must take Exit 4 to Grant Street/U.S. 67 in Bettendorf
  • Through May 2019 only: Local traffic in Bettendorf will be routed from Grant Street/U.S. 67 to 14th Street to Kimberly Road to Middle Road to access westbound I-74

Beginning in June, weather permitting, the local traffic route in Bettendorf will change to the following:

  • Local traffic on the Iowa-bound bridge must take Exit 4 to Grant Street/U.S. 67 in Bettendorf and use the existing on-ramp at 14th Street to access westbound I-74

Throughout construction, the public will always have access to downtown, businesses and all special events in Moline and Bettendorf.

The 2019 stage of construction will be the most difficult for motorists and the departments of transportation will continue to monitor construction progress and traffic patterns and make route improvements where there are opportunities to do so. The departments of transportation anticipate being able to shift local traffic on 19th Street in Moline to the new lanes of Iowa-bound I-74 prior to the opening of the new Iowa-bound bridge.

The I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project is part of a regional strategy for improving access across the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities. Construction for the entire project is anticipated to be complete in 2021.

For updates on the I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project and to get the most up-to-date construction news, visit the project website at Follow the project on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube @I74RiverBridge.

View the March 12, 2019 news conference presentation.

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