Dave “The Shef” Sheffield has inspired thousands across the country through his books, videos and live programs, and last week he kicked off the Chamber’s YPQC at Noon 2019 series with an inspirational message on how to standout, influence and make an impact that matters.

The Shef provided tips and tricks on how to focus and recognize opportunities to step up and grow:

1. Pay attention to peaks and potholes

Everyone will experience both, and we must identify the challenges we are facing and step up to solve problems to push through to the peaks.

2. Unplug and Start a Journal

Feeling overwhelmed? Statistics show you are not alone and that depression and social media use is linked. Do yourself a favor and set time aside to unplug from technology. Unplugging will give you more opportunities to connect with the people around you. The Shef also recommends starting a journal, it will help get your thoughts and ideas out of your head out onto paper. It can also be motivating to look back and see how far you’ve come.

3. The Gift of No

Possibly one of the most difficult words to say is “No” is also one of the most powerful. Saying no does not make you selfish; this is a means of protection and self-care. It’s a simple gift you can give yourself.

4. Invest in relationships

When it comes to being young and unstoppable, investing in building relationships is the most important thing we can do. Young people can stand out from the crowd by perfecting communication skills, specifically in-person communication as employers note this is often a weakness they find with young talent in the workplace.

“The Shef challenged us to engage and be present in the moment,” said Kevin Linn, Principal Financial. “One big takeaway for me was the reminder of the importance of building relationships, no matter the industry, doing that alone is key to advancing your personal and professional growth.”

Ultimately, The Shef left YPs with one final motivational thought, “be a thermostat, not a thermometer - you set the temperature for your environment and your attitude." In other words, by focusing on the things you can control you will find balance and success.

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