We anticipate the Illinois State House to vote to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour today (Feb. 14).

The Quad Cities Chamber continues to hear from members that this increase will be devastating to their business, and our region. The Chamber continues to advocate against this bill, and attended the House Labor Committee hearing on this issue yesterday. We are joined by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, chambers from Bloomington, Peoria and Springfield, and the Illinois Retail Merchants Association in opposing this legislation.

To date, no concessions have been made to the minimum wage proposal. The bill continues to move fast. If the House passes the bill, it’s anticipated the governor will sign it on Friday.

You are encouraged to voice your concerns to Representatives Mike Halpin and Tony McCombie.

Representative Tony McCombie

(217) 782-3992

Representative Mike Halpin

(217) 782-5970

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