When Lura McBride, CEO of Van Meter, joined the company in 2008 company engagement was low. As a 100% employee-owned business, the team went to work, and started with a company purpose and values. Van Meter's purpose is simple: to create lasting value for those we serve. Lura shared that companies that are in pursuit of purpose and profit are far more successful. Their values are:

  • People - we help people be their personal best
  • Partners - we build strong relationships with our customers and suppliers
  • Progress - we improve ourselves and our company every day
  • Place - we make a difference in the places where we work and live
  • Profit - we grow to reinvest in our business and our people

The result ten years later is that employee engagement more than doubled, sales rose by 80%, and their stock price for employee owners increased by 6 times. 

Lura shared her reading list, "These are the books/authors who have helped to shape how we work together to serve our customers and what the expectations are."

  • "The Ideal Team Player" by  Patrick Lencioni - hungry, humble, smart
  • "Reality Based Rules of Leadership" by Cy Wakeman – ditch the drama, the emotional expensiveness of people on your team, accountability
  • "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek – importance of purpose, the power of connecting your people to your purpose
  • "Fierce Conversations" by Susan Scott - the conversation is the relationship, effective communication models
  • "Drive" by Daniel Pink – how to lead by empowering others

Lura shared the Van Meter story of living their values to exceed customer experience at the February Executives Club.

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