As members of the Regional Opportunities Council (ROC) gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, they were reminded how the neighborhood around the center has changed in the last 25 years. Hard work, diligence and collaboration was led by a vision to make our community better. The result was demolishing dilapidated buildings, a new park, an expansion to the King Center, new homes for families and much more.  

This neighborhood revitalization is the product of an inclusive effort led by community champions, much like the Q2030 Regional Action Plan.

ROC members challenged our region to think differently and spawned the Q2030 movement. Today, they're talking about what the Quad Cities will look like when our region has grown by 50,000 new residents. Or when we reach our goal that 60 percent of our workforce has earned a certification or a post-secondary degree. At the recent ROC meeting, members discussed these challenges and potential solutions. 

The conversation continues. Learn more about Q2030's successful outcomes. To find out what else happens at ROC meetings and how you can join, contact Susan Zude at 563.823.2678.

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