(Quad Cities) – The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce joined other business groups throughout the state of Illinois in opposition to raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, over the next 4 years. The current minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 per hour. The bill is expected to be heard in a Senate committee this week. 

Last week, the Quad Cities Chamber surveyed business members with locations in Illinois to solicit their feedback on what a minimum wage increase would do. Eighty-six percent said that there would be negative impacts on their business if the minimum wage bill passed. In that same survey, eighty-two percent opposed raising the minimum wage to $15.

“Almost doubling Illinois’ minimum wage would be detrimental to Quad Cities businesses and our region’s economy,” said Paul Rumler, president and CEO of the Quad Cities Chamber.

According to Rumler, the negative impact would be exacerbated in regions like the Quad Cities that share state borders where businesses could easily move a few miles and not be subject to Illinois’ proposed $15 minimum wage, since Iowa’s minimum wage is $7.25. In addition, the resulting shift of corporate income, property and sales tax dollars could undercut the Illinois Quad Cities economy. 

“As the regional business voice serving the entire bi-state Quad Cities region, the Chamber is committed to working with our local elected officials and leaders across the state to finding a solution that is equitable for both businesses and the workforce they employ – without forever changing the underpinnings of our regional economy,” said Rumler.

Chamber members are urged to call elected officials to express your opposition. The Illinois House is expected to take up this issue next week.

  • Senator Neil Anderson (217) 782-5957
  • Representative Tony McCombie (217) 782-3992
  • Representative Mike Halpin (217) 782-5970

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