WIU-QC offers new Additive Manufacturing course to community

Western Illinois University – Quad Cities will offer a new Additive Manufacturing course during its spring semester designed for those who are not students in the WIU Engineering department. The course will be held spring semester from 5-7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, beginning on Jan. 15. The course will be taught by Dr. Eric J. Faierson, Ph.D., Interim Director, Quad City Manufacturing Laboratory

Those not currently registered as students at WIU-QC can "see" the course listing at the link below, by going to "Course Search" and searching for Engineering courses in Spring 2019.  It will appear as ENGR 440.

In order to register, students will need to login to the STARS system (which requires them to register with WIU-QC as a student).

ENG440: course description:
An introduction to additive manufacturing processes such as powder bed fusion, direct energy deposition, extrusion, photopolymerization, material jetting and binder jetting. An overview of additive manufacturing software, design, and applications is also incorporated. 3 hours lecture 

ENG440: course pre-requisites:
ENGR 105 or working knowledge of solid modeling software such as SolidWorks, C or better;
ENGR 351 Engineering Materials Science, C or better; or permission of Instructor/Director

All prerequisites can be waived with instructor permission.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Eric J. Faierson, Ph.D., Interim Director
Quad City Manufacturing Laboratory
Cell: (309) 716-0987
Fax: (309) 788-2086
QCML Lab Office: (309) 788-2089

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