New video highlights quality of life in Quad Cities region

Check out all the quality of place reasons why talent and industry can “Make It Here” in this new video featuring the regional brand.  The Quad Cities is a cool, creative, connected, and prosperous bi-state community on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. Encompassing six counties in Illinois and Iowa, the Quad Cities offers something for everyone.  

Studies have shown that that Millennials use quality-of-life factors when deciding where to locate even more than economic conditions.  And these factors continue to climb the ladder of importance for C-suite executives evaluating where to locate their business, quite possibly because they influence their ability to attract and retain talent.   

Whether you are fresh out of college, a young professional on the career path, raising a family, or enjoying your retirement, you’ll find the Quad Cities is a great place to live, work, and have fun.

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