Quad Cities Chamber to assist in laborshed employment study

The Quad Cities Chamber is partnering with Iowa Workforce Development and Iowa Economic Development Authority to complete a laborshed employment study for the Quad Cities area. This study will geographically define which communities contribute to the Quad Cities’ workforce, regardless of political boundaries. This defined area is called a laborshed area and is based upon commuting patterns. 

For the success of this study, Iowa Workforce Development will send letters to employers in the Quad Cities asking that they provide aggregate counts of their employees’ residential zip codes. This will allow Iowa Workforce Development to determine what the scope and scale of Quad Cities’ laborshed area are and better understand where Quad Cities’ workforce resides. The first round of letters will be sent beginning Monday, Aug. 13.

Once that laborshed area is determined, a confidential residential telephone survey will be conducted to collect workforce characteristic information specific to the area. The survey call originates out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; therefore, the incoming number will have the 319 area code. It is possible that residents may receive a text message from their 888 number as well, alerting them to expect a call from them to take the survey. 

Survey questions will cover topics such as employment status, current and desired wages, current and desired benefits, education level, and type of occupation, among other things. However, Iowa Workforce Development will not ask survey takers identifiable information such as name, social security number, or date of birth.

“Participation in the study from both employers and residents is essential,” said Tami Petsche, Vice President of Economic Development for the Quad Cities Chamber. “Size and availability of workforce are two critical success factors for communities trying to recruit new businesses or help existing ones expand. Having an accurate snapshot of what workforce exists is extremely important to these efforts.”

Every year Iowa Workforce Development conducts Laborshed studies across the State. The results of each analysis are publicly available online at  Please contact Katie Lippold of Iowa Workforce Development at 515-281-3035 or Tami Petsche of the Quad Cities Chamber at 563-823-2655 with any questions concerning the Laborshed project.


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