The Quad Cities Chamber Business, Innovation & Leadership Sessions bring together great minds in workplace culture, entrepreneurism, community leadership, and disruptive technology, all with the goal to deliver you with takeaways to inspire and grow your business. This half-day conference is an expansion to the Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting featuring a diverse lineup of speakers focused on providing you with business growth tools.

Still trying to decide which sessions to attend? If you are interested in what’s on the horizon in the world of artificial intelligence and the opportunities it presents for engagement you won't want to miss Jaimy Szymanksi's presentation. In track two you'll find one of the biggest names on the speaker lineup, Kimberly Bryant, Founder of Black Girls Code who will talk about her journey in becoming an "accidental social entrepreneur." Check out this week's speaker spotlight to learn more: 

Customer Experience Automation: How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Disrupting the Customer Journey 
Featuring: Jaimy Szymanski, Co-Founder, Kaleido Insights 

The rise of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are beginning to disrupt the customer journey in ways that present companies with both new opportunities for engagement and also new challenges to overcome in reaching consumers and prospects. When mobile applications, smart home devices, autonomous vehicles, and other consumer technologies automatically make purchase and usage decisions for their owners, where to exsiting digital marketing, sales, research and customer service strategies fit in? Influencing the real “decision maker” becomes a feat in its own right, requiring brands to adopt a hybrid mix of data science and customer experience (CX) design skill. Explore how change agents and digital transformation leaders in myriad functions and industries are incorporating cognitive technologies into purchase / decision funnel strategies to better meet evolving customer expectations.

Ignite Change through Social Entrepreneurism 
Featuring: Kimberly Bryant, Founder, Black Girl Codes 

Kimberly Bryant the founder of social movement Black Girls CODE will share her journey as what she calls an “accidental social entrepreneur” and the lessons learned along the way in shaping a new paradigm for women and girls of color in the technology industry. She will explore how recognizing our innate power to become change agents in our own lives and the lives of others by pushing through traditional boundaries and perceived limitations can help us drive change in our world.

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