Business, Innovation & Leadership Sessions: Manufacturing track spotlight

The Quad Cities Chamber Business, Innovation & Leadership Sessions bring together great minds in workplace culture, entrepreneurism, community leadership, and disruptive technology, all with the goal to deliver you with takeaways to inspire and grow your business. This half-day conference is an expansion to the Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting featuring a diverse lineup of speakers focused on providing you with business growth tools.

Still trying to decide which sessions to attend? If you are interested in what’s on the horizon in the world of manufacturing, this week's speaker spotlight is sure to appeal to you. 

Disruption or Opportunity – The Future of Manufacturing Technology  

Featuring Heather Ashton Manolian, Manufacturing Research Leader & Center for Industry Insights, Deloitte Services, LLP

Industry Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, or Smart Connected Manufacturing. It is known by several different names, but in any case it translates to dramatic changes in the manufacturing environment. Learn about the emerging trends impacting how factories are digitizing manufacturing processes, supply chains, and connections to customers. New technologies are changing how products are designed and manufactured at a rapid pace. These technologies are also impacting how manufacturers attract, develop, and retain the talents and skill sets to compete in the digital manufacturing environment. Join Heather Ashton Manolian from Deloitte Consulting and get a cutting edge update on these sweeping industry changes. 

Capitalize on Change: Using Disruptive Technologies to Drive Business Growth  

Featuring Craig Sutton, Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Tami Hedgren, Factory Manager – Deere & Company; Lee Spooner – EON Reality; Andy Cook, Founder, Motion Raceworks, Carol Woten – VP, Sales & Marketing – Genesis Systems Group  

Join local manufacturing leaders as they explain how they are deploying advanced manufacturing processes and digital strategies.  Technologies to be covered will include additive manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality, smart automation, advanced materials, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. The Quad Cities region is fortunate to have many manufacturers who are embracing these advanced technologies and transforming the manufacturing shop floor. 

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