The Quad Cities Chamber Business, Innovation & Leadership Sessions brings together great minds in workplace culture, entrepreneurism, community leadership, and disruptive technology, all with the goal to deliver you with takeaways to inspire and grow your business. This half-day conference is an expansion to the Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting and we are excited to offer a diverse lineup of speakers that are focused on providing you business growth tools.

Still trying to decide which sessions to attend? If you are interested in building a high-performance workplace and setting your organization up for success, this week's speaker spotlight is sure to appeal to you. 

Beyond Diversity: The Business Case for Inclusion 
Claudia Schabel, President, Schabel Solutions 

A study from the American Sociological Review has found that workplace diversity and inclusion is among the most important predictor or an organization’s success. We know that diversity plays a fundamental role in the success of our organizations. However, it’s time for leaders to think beyond “diversity for the sake of diversity,” and make inclusion a part of their organization’s vision as well. An inclusive workplace values every employee, regardless of roles, job titles, and tenure and places emphasis on equality, human rights, and employee welfare. Developing a diverse and inclusive organization requires strategy, clear expectations, and accountability. 

Hack Your Culture: Building a High-Performance Workplace 
Featuring: Robert Richman, Culture Architect and Customer Experience Expert, Co-Creator of Zappos Insights 

Robert Richman, former Culture Strategist for Zappos, has worked with hundreds of companies on their culture. Through his career, he’s identified that the mindsets and principles of computer hacking could also be used to hack corporate culture. He has developed the techniques and pre-tested hacks that can be used immediately. During this session, you’ll gain specific answers to issues including specific leverage points that can be used by anyone to encourage culture change, why many culture-change programs fail, key tools you can use to successfully influence culture as soon as you return to the office, and why storytelling must be an integral part of your culture-change program.

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