Learn how to fast-track Department of Defense DFARS cybersecurity compliance at free workshop

As technology evolves, so does the technology espionage race.

According to the June 21 Department of Defense Joint Testimony on “Military Technology Transfer: Threats, Impacts, and Solutions for the Department of Defense” before the House Armed Services Committee, “The Department of Defense is facing an unprecedented threat to its technological and industrial base.”

Being cyber-secure is of such importance that the DoD has proposed the Deliver Uncompromised initiative.  No longer will cost, schedule and performance be the only drivers for defense contract awards; security is now being proposed as the fourth pillar in acquisition decisions.

Recent headlines affirm the same thing.

"If Your Weapons Aren’t Cyber-Hardened, Expect to Lose Pentagon Contracts”

 Are you “hardened,” or are you vulnerable?  What about your sub-tier suppliers?

Earlier last month the Washington Post broke a story about China’s theft of hundreds of gigabytes of sensitive project data from a U.S. defense contractor … that was housed on the contractor’s unclassified network!

So how can contractors and their suppliers protect themselves AND remain competitive?

Learn more on July 25 & 26 as the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub offers a FREE 1 1/2-day workshop on new DFARS cybersecurity compliance requirements implemented as of Dec. 31, 2017. The workshop is funded by the Illinois Defense Industry Adjustment Program, of which the Hub is a part.  Remember, compliance with DFARS Subparts 204.73, 239.76 isn't only for direct Department of Defense contractors; it also applies to their sub-tier suppliers! 

Details and registration:

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