Most manufacturers experience ROI in 12-18 mos. after adding robotics

The Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub has identified three key opportunity areas in robotics and automation for area manufacturers:

  • Opportunity #1: Production efficiencies and cost savings. Most manufacturers experience ROI in 12 to 18 months after adding robotic automation.  
  • Opportunity #2: Increased onsite safety. Robots are designed with built-in safety functionality and are not prone to the same human errors. 
  • Opportunity #3: Employee development. Employees can develop their careers in new ways, stepping out of low skill-level tasks to explore other fields that benefit the company.

Is robotics automation part of your business strategy? Find out more in the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub's Robotics & Automation Technology Playbook!

The playbooks were developed with the help of industry leaders with their fingers on the pulse of emerging technologies to assist you in learning about the changes that are and will transform the face of your industry.  Consider each playbook a “how-to guide” constructed to help you understand the technology, provide an overview of the current regional landscape, share best practices, identify opportunities for use, build the business case for, and outline steps toward implementation.  Each playbook also contains links to expert resources and partners for training, education, integration, or other support to aid you on your journey.

Find all the playbooks HERE>>

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