What's your data analytics strategy? The Hub's technology playbooks can help!

Manufacturers in our community are increasingly pressured to make decisions quickly, and even predictively, to retain product quality, achieve onsite safety standards, and remain competitive on national and global levels. Decision-making must be based on data. In order to make sense of all of a manufacturer’s data sources and analyze them for action, companies must have a data analytics strategy. Data analytics is a critical component of every innovative manufacturer’s roadmap in the Quad Cities, informing decisions related to product development, supply chain optimization, sales and marketing spend, and other onsite efficiencies. 

Do you have a data analytics strategy? Find out more in the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub's Data Analytics Playbook!

The playbooks were developed with the help of industry leaders with their fingers on the pulse of emerging technologies to assist you in learning about the changes that are and will transform the face of your industry.  Consider each playbook a “how-to guide” constructed to help you understand the technology, provide an overview of the current regional landscape, share best practices, identify opportunities for use, build the business case for, and outline steps toward implementation.  Each playbook also contains links to expert resources and partners for training, education, integration, or other support to aid you on your journey.

Find all the playbooks HERE>>

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