​Let U of IA engineering students help you with a project!

The University of Iowa Industrial Engineering program is currently seeking the help of industrial and service industry constituents to define projects for teams of its Senior Design students to perform at no cost to area companies.  This course starts on Jan. 16 and runs until May 11, 2018.

Students can work on a large variety of industrial engineering projects, including process optimization, simulation, human factors and ergonomics, engineering economy, e-commerce applications, to name a few. In exchange for performing on the project at no cost to the company, businesses are asked to provide a liaison at their organization who can work with the student team to ensure steady progress toward the desired project outcome. 

The project scope should be one which a team of 3-4 engineering students can perform in the course of about 12 weeks and not to exceed approximately 360 labor hours. Projects should challenge students to use the sum of their industrial engineering undergraduate educational experience to solve an interesting problem. 

If you wish to submit an idea for a project, please contact Tom (MACH) Schnell, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Operator Performance Laboratory (OPL), Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD) at the University of Iowa: or (319) 631-4445.  

When submitting ideas, please include the following information on or before Jan. 19, 2018:

  • Project title
  • Brief synopsis of the project stating the problem and indicating the desired solution. This can be a few lines up to a half a page.
  • Name and contact information of a project liaison at your organization

One of our goals at the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub is to help area manufacturers and others in the defense supply chain connect and collaborate as part of an ecosystem focused on growth, business diversification, and competitiveness.  Keeping you informed of opportunities such as these helps us achieve that goal in order to keep our local economy strong.

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