The Iowa Growth PAC, a political action committee of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, announced its preferred candidates for seats on the Davenport and Bettendorf city councils in the November election.

PAC Chairman Tom Schuetz of Bettendorf recommended a mix of veterans and newcomers described as most in line with the Chamber’s thinking on economic and community development.

“Davenport and Bettendorf have a wealth of good candidates this year, and it was a really tough call to pick one candidate over another in some of these races,” said Schuetz. “In the end, we are recommending candidates we believe are most inclined to support business growth and invest in the vitality of our region.”

PAC members conducted individual interviews with candidates in contested races and also relied on responses to a Chamber on-line survey to make their determinations.

Candidates receiving endorsements from the Chamber PAC in Davenport:

·         Alderman At-Large (2 seats) Incumbent Kyle Gripp and J.J. Condon

·         2nd Ward: Incumbent Maria Dickmann

·         3rd Ward: Incumbent Marion Meginnis

·         6th Ward: Sean Liddell

Candidates receiving endorsements in Bettendorf:

·         In Bettendorf’s only contested race, the PAC said either candidate would be a strong at-large representative.

Lisa Brown has a proven track record of supporting business growth and continues to enjoy the confidence of the business community. Kylah Rasche impressed us with her strong business sense and fresh perspective. We concluded the business community and Bettendorf would be well served by either candidate,” said Schuetz. 

The Iowa Growth PAC is one of two political action committees announced by the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce in 2012. The Iowa PAC and its Illinois counterpart focus on supporting candidates for local and state office. Neither PAC is organized to participate in federal races.

“Both Chamber PACs are strictly non‐partisan and support candidates without regard to political party or affiliation,” said Dan Portes, PAC Vice-Chair. “We’re proud of the balanced approach we’ve taken over the years and the various political perspectives our PAC members bring to the discussions.”

PAC members are appointed by the Chamber Board but otherwise operate and make decisions, including endorsements, independently.

“As we strive to keep the Quad Cites region among the top-tier metro economies, we are mindful of the importance of smart, accomplished professionals in positions of leadership in our cities, counties and states,” said Portes. “We appreciate every candidate who has answered the call to public service, and we look forward to working with those elected November 7.”

Members of the Iowa Growth PAC are Tom Schuetz, Bettendorf; Dan Portes, Davenport; Betsy Brandsgard, Davenport; Ken Croken, Davenport; Brock Earnhardt, Davenport; Pat Eikenberry, Bettendorf; David Gellerman, Bettendorf; Kelli Grubbs, Davenport; Loxi Hopkins, Davenport; Kent Pilcher, Bettendorf; John Roche, Davenport; and Aaron Tennant, Bettendorf. 

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