Because collaboration is the key to Industry 4.0 success, the Quad Cities Chamber is proud to welcome three international manufacturing experts to lead a special event on Thursday, Oct. 26 at the Rock Island Arsenal's Joint Manufacturing Technology Center as part of Manufacturing Month.

Also known as the start of the fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 is the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector.  It is driven by the integration of multiple new technologies like data analytics, robotics, 3-D printing, and computational power within a factory system.

Newly installed commanding officer Col. Kenneth W. Letcher will kick the day off with a special address regarding JMTC’s mission and future plans, including how to engage with contracting opportunities at the Rock Island Arsenal. The morning session will also feature companies successfully embedding Industry 4.0 technology as well as the latest on the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub’s technology playbooks. 

After lunch attendees will choose to join one of three small-group work sessions facilitated by international manufacturing experts Jack Harris, Steve Ray, and Dan Nagy from Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to:

  • Share knowledge and best practices with peers
  • Identify common priority problems businesses are facing
  • Hear about key barriers and opportunities addressing problems
  • Leverage technology and R&D results
  • Identify gaps in technology maturity that can be addressed in a pre-competitive fashion with peers – strengthening the industry in our region and throughout the country
  • Learn about the key benefits of using solutions in specific targeted technology areas: data analytics & the industrial Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, advanced robotics
  • Identify synergies and potential collaborations with other manufacturers who share a similar perspective to maximize mutual benefits

The end goal of the workshop is for participants to have identified some specific actions – either alone or in collaboration with their peers – that allow them to improve their product and operation.

About Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (

IMS is an industry-led, international business innovation and research and development (R&D) program established to develop the next generation of manufacturing and processing technologies through multi-lateral collaboration. It provides global services to institutions from its supporting regions, including the European Union, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States of America. Other regions are encouraged to join the IMS program.

IMS offers international consortium building and coaching services provided at no charge to researchers from member countries, a listing of projects seeking partners, and a project database with valuable research information. IMS is also a premier sponsor of the World Manufacturing Forum where high-level government officials and industry executives discuss issues and solutions to challenges in manufacturing.

Jack Harris currently serves as the U.S. Head of Delegation for the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems international manufacturing program, while Steve Ray serves as the Project Development Coach for the U.S. Region.  Dan Nagy is the Managing Director of the Inter-Regional Secretariat of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems.

Join us Oct. 26:


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