WaterMark Corners, on Moline’s John Deere Commons at 1500 River Drive, is marking its 18th Anniversary with the announcement that they have been chosen as the winner of the Forbes Main Street Award for Best Social Media Promotion.

WaterMark Corners is one of the Trimble Pointe Companies, owned by the Trimble Family. Dynamic mother-daughter duo, Barbara and Amy Trimble, travel all over the country to find new items that are innovative, intriguing and inspiring for their store.

WaterMark Corners applied for the award earlier this summer and was notified on August 28th that they had been selected as one of 15 nationwide finalists. After voting ended for the Audience Choice Award ended on September 22nd, WaterMark Corners received word that they had been chosen by Forbes editors as the winner of the Social Media Promotion Award. Forbes made the official announcement earlier this morning (see: 

 “To be chosen by Forbes as one of the top 5 main street businesses in the country is a huge honor,” said Amy Trimble. “As a small business, we are always working to develop new & unique social media promotions. Our store is different than any other store in the country, and we want our online marketing to reflect that. To have a company like Forbes choose our weekly giveaway promotion as the best small business social media promotion in the country proves we’re doing something right.”

WaterMark Corners is featured on (See: and will appear in the December 12, 2017 issue of Forbes magazine. They will also also receive an engraved award and a Canon MAXIFY MB5420 printer. 

Details of WaterMark’s Giveaway Promotion, from their application to the Forbes Main Street Award:

During our 18 years in business, WaterMark Corners has had numerous marketing campaigns, promotions, sales and events, but our most-successful to date have revolved around giveaways on Facebook.

Back in 2015, tired of the pre-holiday promotions & sales that we’d done in past years, we decided to try something new and developed a "Countdown to Christmas Giveaway" promotion. Every day from December 1st-24th, we featured one of our favorite/best-selling items as a giveaway. To enter, they simply had to "like" the post and if they added a comment they got a 2nd entry. (We use an app to randomly select the winner using that criteria). For a first-time promotion, we were pleasantly surprised with the results. The posts averaged 70 likes each, about 90% higher than our other non-giveaway posts. Also, during that time, our facebook page likes increased 6% and our December sales were up 13% over the year before.

Building on the success of 2015, we repeated the same promotion in December of 2016, but also started to incorporate videos into the giveaway posts, and the results were even better. Our posts averaged 120 likes each, our facebook page likes increased 17% and our sales for the month were up 32% over 2015! Even more exciting, though, was the buzz out in the community – people were talking about our giveaways, and therefore, also talking about our store!

We hated to see the giveaway promotion end after the holidays, so in February of this year, we started weekly WaterMark Wednesday Giveaways. Since Feb 1, our page likes have increased another 24% and our giveaway posts are now averaging 190 likes, with many getting 225+. Even more important than our huge growth in followers and reach on facebook, though, is how much our store sales have increased since we started our weekly giveaways back in February. To date, our sales are 32% over last year. 

Thanks to this promotion, customers are coming into our store daily asking to see specific items they saw featured on facebook, sometimes even weeks after the giveaway. The items that we promote in our giveaways have sold faster than any of our other items, and we’ve had to reorder many of them multiple times.

We are excited to see how we can use our facebook giveaways to continue to grow our sales going into 4th quarter and beyond!

WaterMark’s entry video can be seen here:

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