Last week at the Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting, Amy Goldsberry, accepted a Q2030 award on behalf of the YP Think Tank. Amy stood in front of a crowd of over a thousand people and had some inspiring words to say. Here's a copy of her speech:

My name is Amy Goldsberry, and I have been a proud Quad Citizen of 11 years.  Do you know why I am a Proud Quad Citizen?


As I stand here today, hundreds of our Quad Citizens are gathering against hate at an organized rally. This rally symbolizes the strength of our region’s collective resolve to directly denounce discrimination, violence, racial and ethnic hostility.  I am proud of our Quad Citizens.

In the wake of these shameful acts of racist violence and terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia, I’m using this pulpit today as a moment of clarity and purpose. We can do more than lend our voices, we must take action – in our businesses, faith, families, community and schools. As Quad Citizens, we must distinguish ourselves by accepting leadership and holding one another accountable for making a positive difference. We sit in this room privileged with opportunities to drive change in our region. Let that change be Quad Citizens standing against hate, complacency, false equivalencies and excuses. That’s the legacy we create for our region’s future. 

I want to thank my fellow Think Tankers for their drive and passion, thank you to the Q2030 Tri-Chairs, specifically Kent Pilcher for his leadership of our YPs of the Quad Cities, thank you Q2030 steering committee and most of all... Thank you Fellow Quad Citizens.

I will end my time today with a simple call to action for you all; be ready, be bold, think big, and never NEVER accept mediocrity as a standard for our region.

Thank you to the YP Think Tank for their role in fostering a community culture that is equitable, diverse, inclusive, and engaging. To read more about the 2017 Award Winners, click here

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