Integrity Integrated, Inc. is currently enrolling participants in the inaugural Women’s Leadership Development program in the Quad Cities. This unique program is for women seeking to build stronger leadership skills in a safe, challenging environment beginning October 17th. A year long program designed to create a stimulating and secure situation for women to grow through personal reflections, exercises and group interactions. The group sessions are facilitated by Ginny Wilson-Peters, President  & Owner of Integrity Integrated, and will provide tools for making effective work/life balance choices as well as strategies for using your power and influence more effectively.  This transformational program combines many of the topics from our Grow to be CEO and Women in Leadership programs. Participants explore authenticity, managerial style, ethics and create their own vision. This course is for all levels of professional women who want to become stronger leaders. Included in this program are 12 group sessions over 12 months with the option of including 4 one-on-one coaching sessions. More information can be found here:

For more information or to register contact: 
Shari Baker or Amy Kolner at 563-359-1099 or via email at or visit on the web. 
Shari Baker, Director of Marketing & Communications 
Integrity Integrated, Inc. 

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