Promote your supplier capabilities in free online directory

Do other regional manufacturers know what your capabilities are as a supplier?  If not, take 15 minutes to list your company in the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub’s new Regional Capabilities Catalog.  The best part? It’s FREE!

You can enter comprehensive company profiles, including a listing of capabilities. The catalog also is searchable by North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) code.

By completing your company’s listing, you can:

  • Increase exposure for your company to new customers.
  • Strengthen connections within the local supply chain.
  • Get your business included in national and international marketing of the Quad Cities manufacturing and defense industry and supply chain.

Helping understand our regional capabilities lets us uncover more ways to keep business local and increase collaboration … all for a stronger bottom line and more innovative outcome.

Need help? Email us at  Get started with your listing here!

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