Community leaders from the business, government, academic and social sectors met last week to learn the key ingredients for effective collaboration from Jack Hess, executive director of CivicLab. Hess’ message emphasized how building relationships and trust can have a significant impact on a community. He encouraged participants to proactively engage cross-sector stakeholders in order to build capacity and increase the pace of bringing the region’s Q2030 priorities to life.

A former president of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce in Indiana, Hess told a 60-year story about the community’s collective work, shared the lessons learned, and illustrated the process used to develop the potential of both people and place. Hess’ company, CivicLab, has worked with more than 250 communities since his days with the Columbus Chamber, and said it continues to be clear that building trust among the stakeholders in a community action plan works best when there is purposeful communication and clear responsibilities.

Launched one year ago, the Q2030 Regional Action Plan aims to make the region more cool, creative, connected and prosperous and was developed from the input of thousands of Quad Citizens. Q2030 is a broad and bold vision that requires a long-view, shared commitment and a common approach to grow talent, jobs, investments and economic opportunity for all who call the Quad Cities home.

Also premiering at the event, a video highlighting many completed projects in the region and a look into future development plans.The Mississippi River is our region's greatest asset and the I-74 corridor is this community's largest opportunity for growth right now. Take a look at what's planned across the community:

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