Companies that integrate digital tools improve market share, profit growth

According to the McKinsey Global Institute report Digital America: A tale of the haves and have-mores, the U.S. economy as a whole is realizing only 18 percent of its digital potential. However, manufacturing is a sector poised for rapid gains in its productivity thanks to strides being made in digital use. But being digital-ready isn’t just about having IT equipment and platforms.  It’s also about integrating business processes with more digital tools that can lead to improved market share and profit growth.

So is your company living up to its digital potential? Let the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub help you find out. Work with one of our project managers on an analysis and mapping of the information flow weaving through your manufacturing process, including logical steps to leverage digital technologies to increase your competitiveness. What’s even better? The assessment is at no cost to you thanks to funding from the Illinois Defense Industry Adjustment (DIA) Program, of which the Hub is a part.

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