Illinois DOT stops work

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announced that it will halt work on all projects on June 30 due to lack of funding. Because no budget has been passed, the IDOT is not able to continue funding ongoing projects. Projects which are state-lead such as John Deere Road and the rail upgrade portion of passenger rail will come to a halt unless a budget of some sort that provides funding for transportation is passed by the end of the month.

Work on the I-74 bridge will continue, however, because the Iowa DOT is primary partner the project, though some smaller access projects that support I-74 and are IDOT projects might stop. The “Q” passenger rail station and development, which Moline is overseeing, will also continue.

The Quad Cities Chamber has been very vocal calling for compromise and a budget in Illinois. The General Assembly has been called back for a special session for the remaining two weeks in June. The Senate Democrats previously passed a balanced budget which was based on the “Grand Bargain” negotiations, and the House Republicans have proposed their own compromise budget which is similarly based on the “Grand Bargain” discussion. It is unclear whether either of these or a new budget will be agreed upon.

The Chamber will continue to push for both sides to work together and reach a compromise. To find your legislators contact information, click here.

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