The upcoming Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting will focus on talent development and attraction, and with that we recently surveyed YP’s on what they value in a workplace culture. Here’s what we found out: 

Benefits package and flexible work time and location rose to the top of the list with 68% of respondents identifying each of those as the most important factors in a job, while enjoyable co-workers (48%) and career advancement (46%) were close behind.

While benefits package led the aggregate results of most important factor in a job, it was also the most frequently used phrase in written responses. Other common themes showed that YP’s found the most value in employers that invest in them and offer opportunities for advancement. A majority of respondents cited that the reason they stay with their current employer because they are respected by their boss and feel valued.

One of the top-line goals of Q2030, this region's long term vision for the future, is to attract and retain young talent. We asked the question, what advice do you have for employers to attract young professionals to the region? Here are a few of the responses:

• Provide a positive, healthy work environment with flexibility to allow for daily life and a positive managing style - you will both retain young talent, and they will also naturally become more talented and better at their job because of a healthy enthusiastic culture.

• Build a reputation of having a strong culture and then employees will seek you out. Give feedback often, encourage employees to think outside of the box, offer opportunities for training and also volunteering within the community (will help get your company name out there!),be open to a flexible work schedule.

• Take care of them. Allow flex time, provide decent equipment, and have the occasional company outing. Retain more young people so they have someone to relate to at the company. And most of all, help them become leaders and experts in their field. Make it a two-way relationship.

• Find ways to allow flexibility for young families, create a positive culture, encourage mentorship, good benefits/pay, a modern work environment, encourage collaboration, utilize technology as best as possible.

• Highlight the potential for career opportunities and growth in your field.

• Career advancement and networking opportunities are highly valued by young professionals.

• Allow for flexible work arrangements. Encourage and support employee growth within the company and when volunteering in the community. Have unique benefits packages that cover more than the standard. Encourage creativity and innovation.

• More than ever before, enjoying time at work is important to prospective employees; however, if you sacrifice values or customer service in order to be "fun," people will not stay. We want both: Fun and Fulfillment. Fun to attract. Fulfill to retain.

• Don't forget to appreciate your employees. A little recognition goes a long way.

There you have it, straight from the mouths of YP’s. Workforce is at the top of the list of priorities for the Quad Cities Chamber and how to Power Up Your People is the focus of this year’s Annual Meeting featuring Bonin Bough, Host of CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles. Register for the event today>

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