It’s Small Business Week in the U.S., and Chamber staff is looking forward to doing some extra things to pay tribute to the contributions of small companies to our regional economy.  Over 80% of our membership is comprised of small businesses – so first and foremost we want to take this opportunity to thank our small business members for their investment, not just in our organization but in the community!

At the Chamber we are dedicated to offering programming and resources that add value to your membership and help grow your business, such as:

·         AMp-Up – every other month, we host this morning networking program - that is attended by 100+ mostly small businesses that benefit from a speaker and a chance to make connections with other potential business partners.

·         Research to grow your business - we offer access to - and weekly trainings on - proprietary databases that can show you how to reach target markets, understand competitors, and so on.

·         Workshops - we offer low or no-cost workshops on topics such as Overtime Rules and other regulations that might otherwise be too expensive or time consuming for small companies to attend.

·         Promote your business - we provide exposure for small companies through events sponsorships, articles in newsletters and the like, all designed to put you in front of the other 1800 members of the Chamber.

Throughout this week we will celebrate the important role that small businesses play in our community. Have a success story on how your business has used the Chamber to grow your business? Drop us a line, and we can add your story to our social media campaign!

Take a moment this week to visit and thank any of the hundreds of small companies within the Chamber family who are providing paychecks, goods and services week after week and making a huge impact in the community. For a list of active Chamber members, visit our member directory.

Here's a special message from Chamber President & CEO Tara Barney:

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