Last week, the Iowa House Appropriations Committee voted along party lines to move HF 652, the Stop Progress Bill. This bill would severely cut tax credits and makes changes that would render some our best economic development tools useless and would raise taxes on businesses by more than $163 million statewide.

Tax credits such as High Quality Jobs, Historic Tax, and Research & Development are vital to economic growth. They combat Iowa’s cumbersome tax code, leverage Federal Resources for redeveloping our unique and historic buildings, and spur investment in our region’s best asset – workforce.

Please contact our Committee Members and urge them to support business and economic growth by voting against HF 652, the Stop Progress Bill.

Here’s a sample message you can use and adapt:

I'm calling to ask you to support business and economic growth in the Quad Cities by voting “no” on HF 652, the Stop Progress Bill. This bill will hurt our economy by penalizing businesses, stopping development projects, and costing our Quad Citizen’s jobs. We are counting on you to stand up for business and our economy.

Representative Gary Mohr (Scott County) or 515-281-3221

Representative Monica Kurth (Scott County) or 515-281-3221

Representative Mary Wolfe (Clinton County) or 515-281-3221

All Ways and Means Members

HF 652, Stop Progress Bill

House Appropriations Committee Roll Call 

April 13, 2017

Stay tuned for our updates on roll calls, and for our post-session score cards on the region’s top issues.

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