The Quad Cities Chamber is proud to partner with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and Black Hawk College to support St. Ambrose University as they launch the Forever Masters program. Lifelong learning is a critical piece to the Q2030 vision and top priority in creating a thriving 21st Century workforce.

The new Forever Masters™ program will begin with three events May 1 and 2. The College of Business will be welcoming Art Kleiner, Editor and Chief of Strategy and Business, PWC's global management magazine, as the keynote speaker.  Your early RSVP will ensure your opportunity to enjoy this topic and surrounding discussion.

May 1 - Keynote Presentation

Your Foothold in the Renaissance: Strategies for Lifelong Learning in Business

If you're in business, then lifelong learning isn't something special you have to take on; it's simply the natural way to conduct your work. That's never more true than today, when technology is changing so rapidly that the platforms of major enterprise, like cloud computing and the internet of things, simply didn't exist a few years ago. -- making this a moment of industrial renaissance. And yet the basic human ways of approaching problems never change. 

May 2 - Breakfast with Art Kleiner

Perennial Business Questions, Today's Answers

Join me for a rapid-fire look at the answers that business people have come up with to some of their most puzzling and persistent questions: How do we win? What's the best way to do the work? How can I possibly get everything done? How can I work here and still be me? And how can I train my patterns of thinking so that I take the high road -- and still come out on top? We'll look at how to keep developing stronger and more sophisticated answers throughout your career, always knowing that no matter how clever and effective today's answers may be, you'll need better ones tomorrow. 

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The Forever Masters program has a mission "to be an active lifelong learning partner in mastering the knowledge and skills for thriving in career, craft and community."

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