Millennials. They're disrupting workplace norms, redefining "business casual," and bringing their dogs to work. They're the up-and-coming generation, and if you can't adapt to them, you'll find your organization missing a crucial element to success.

Each month, the Chamber hosts Executives Club, a program designed exclusively for Presidents, CEO’s and Executives. For April’s program, we invited Tippie College of Business professor Amy Kristof-Brown to come speak to business leaders on what millenials are looking for in the workplace and how to connect.

In 2015 millenials became the largest generation in the workforce. They are the most educated generation, with 28% at management level already. The program included an overview of experiences in the lives of millenials that helped shape their values, belief system and influence workplace behaviors. Amy then shared tips on how to utilize that information to connect and motivate young talent.

One of the top-line goals of Q2030, this region’s long term vision for the future, is to attract and retain young talent. When it comes to challenges in workforce, each of us plays a part in building a culture where young talent wants to land. The businesses that succeed are the ones that invest in their talent, creating an environment that transforms people’s career and ultimately unlocking boundless growth for their organization.

What does the future workforce look like? What do millennials want from work? How does one manage a multigenerational workforce? Take a crash course in working with the millenial generation and get your questions answered by taking a free webinar with Amy this Thursday, April 13. More info>>

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