Passing a budget deal in Illinois is the Chamber’s top legislative
priority for 2017. Our legislative agenda is focused on advocating for policies
that foster a strong business climate, and the lack of a budget for over 600
days is causing undue stress on the businesses and the community at-large.

Democrat and Republican leaders in the senate have been working
hard to negotiate and reach a compromise that provides Illinois with a
fully-funded budget while implementing a number of needed reforms such as
education, pension and worker’s compensation. While leaders came close to passing
a budget last week, progress came to a halt when external groups interjected
partisan politics and threatened senators that backed the reforms.

Please contact the following elected leaders and tell them you
support leadership’s efforts to negotiate a compromise and that the lack of a
budget is detrimental to the business and community.

Majority Leader John Cullerton217-782-2728
Minority Christine Radogno217-782-9407
Senator Neil Anderson309-736-7084
Senator Chuck Weaver309-693-4921

Contact the Governor and House to voice support for the Senate's efforts and urge their cooperation.

Governor Bruce Rauner217-782-0244
Representative Mike Halpin309-558-3612
Representative Tony McCombie815-632-7384
Representative Dan Swanson309-334-7474

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