Research has shown that millennials work for purpose over paychecks. Knowing this, the Chamber's work through Young Professionals of the Quad Cities (YPQC) helps to cultivate a culture attractive to young talent by helping them find purpose in contributing to the growth of the region.

Through Q2030, the Chamber has an elevated focus on workforce efforts, with a goal of making our region more welcoming, inclusive, engages and develops young people for positions of community leadership. At the next Network @ Noon on March 14, YP's will have the opportunity to hear from Reverend Dwight Ford on the topic of Leadership in Challenging Times. Rev. Ford will deliver a powerful message of hope and encouragement for young people to step up and create a community that is welcoming, inclusive and equitable for all Quad Citizens. If YP's in your organization are searching for their unique contributions to the community, we encourage you to share this program with them as they will be reminded of their power as individuals to create positive change in our community.

With a bold mission to empower young professionals to transform the Quad Cities, YPQC offers social and professional development opportunities monthly through Network @ Night, Network @ Noon, and works to attract top talent through Intern QC.  

If your organization is interested in connecting with talented YP's, contact Gwen to learn about sponsorship opportunities with YPQC.

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