Illinois residents will have the opportunity November 8 to vote on a ½ cent sales tax increase in Rock Island County. The Quad Cities Chamber is seeking to better understand how Chamber members who live in Rock Island County feel about the sales tax proposal.

In August 2014, the Chamber Board of Directors held a press conference to call for reforms that would streamline and strengthen local government in Rock Island County. In two short years, the Rock Island County Board has made remarkable progress: hiring a professional administrator, Dave Ross; voting to discontinue various board committees; eliminating pension and health insurance benefits for County Board members; holding employee wages steady, with no increases; and approving the downsizing of the of the Board in five years. These reforms have already cut $3.4 million out of the County budget.

With these cost saving measures as backdrop, County Administrator Ross is seeking a sales tax increase in 2017 to deal with the County’s $4 million budget deficit. The proposed sales tax increase is expected to allow the County to fully fund its services, restore minimum staffing levels where needed, build reserves and lower property taxes by 12 percent (on the County’s portion of the property tax bill). Without an increase, the County states it could be required to increase property taxes by up to 20 percent.

Please take the following survey and tell us your stance on the proposed ½ cent sales tax increase. This survey is anonymous and the results will be used only in aggregate.

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