A new ruling known as "The Overtime Rule" legislates that any salaried employee making less than $47,476 annually will be eligible for overtime beginning Dec. 1, 2016. 

The Quad Cities Chamber has hosted workshops with law and human resource experts to help members understand how the new ruling will impact their businesses.
Based on the new ruling, employers will have the following options:

  • Pay time-and-a-half for overtime to employees making below $47,476
  • Limit employees' hours to 40 hours a week
  • Raise employees' salaries above the threshold
  • Hire additional resources
  • Some combination of the above

We understand this may impact many of our members and encourage you to view the materials provided during the workshops to prepare for upcoming changes. Here's a list of helpful resources from our member experts:

FLSA: Are You Ready to Comply? - MRA 

FLSA Updates - Hopkins & Huebner, P.C.

Department of Labor announces long-awaited FLSA regulations - Honkamp Krueger & Co, PC 

The FLSA Riddle - Pappas O'Connor, PC

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