Seventy percent of interns who participated in InternQC reported they would be somewhat or very likely to look for a job in the Quad Cities after college graduation. Prior to taking part in InternQC, 60% indicated they would be somewhat likely or very likely to seek a job in the Quad Cities after graduation.

InternQC is a summer-long program hosted by YPQC, the Chamber’s young professional’s organization. Through InternQC, over 200 interns made new friends, discovered ways to get involved in the community, learned about career opportunities, and experienced Quad Cities amenities through casual networking events. The goal of the program is to acquaint interns with quality of life in the Quad Cities so they will look to the Quad Cities first for full time employment after college graduation.

Interns were surveyed before the start of the program in June, and again in August to measure if exposure to Quad Cities’ amenities had an impact on their perception of the region.

 “One of the top line measures of Q2030 is to increase the number of young workers in the region,” says Greg Aguilar, Director of Talent Attraction & Retention, Quad Cities Chamber. “One way we are working toward that goal is by rolling out the red carpet for interns and showcasing all that the Quad Cities has to offer. Likewise, by asking their opinion, we get a sense of what’s most important to the next generation of workforce so we as a community can ensure we are being progressive and responsive to their desires as they seek the community in which to begin their career.”

InternQC Survey Results

How do you feel about spending/having spent your summer in the Quad Cities? June August   Change  
*number represents the answers “it was totally awesome” and “I liked it a lot” 45% 55% +10%  
How familiar are you with the following: June August   Change  
Quad Cities music scene 41% 62% +21%  
Arts and cultural amenities 30% 52% +22%  
Sports and recreation options 66% 62% -4%  
Downtowns 34% 72% +38%  
Opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs 21% 33% +12%  
*number represents the answers “very familiar” and “somewhat familiar”        
Have you been to the following places in the Quad Cities?    
June August Change  
River Music Experience 23% 33% +10%  
Modern Woodmen Park 58% 62% +4%  
Downtown Davenport 78% 81% +3%  
Bike paths along the Mississippi River 81% 86% +5%  
The iWireless Center 86% 90% +4%  
Downtown Moline/Bass Street Landing 62% 71% +9%  
The District of Rock Island 55% 86% +31%  
Village of East Davenport 44% 62% +18%  
Daytrotter 8% 10% +2%  
Black Hawk State Historic Park 20% 33% +13%  
*number represents the answers “very familiar” and “somewhat familiar”        
Please give us your impression of the following aspects of Quad Cities quality of life: June August   Change  
Overall cost of living 34% 40% +6%  
Diversity of housing options 20% 20% 0  
Housing affordability 29% 25% -4%  
Quality of healthcare 15% 35% +20%  
Traffic congestion 18% 20% +2%  
Public transit capacity 9% 5% -4%  
Sense of personal and property safety 34% 35% +1%  
Availability of parks and trails 66% 50% -16%  
Arts and cultural facilities and programs 32% 35% +3%  
Shopping and dining programs 36% 45% +9%  
Nightlife options 26% 15% -11%  
Continuing education options 22% 30% +8%  
Progressive public policies 17% 15% -2%  
Friendliness of people 47% 50% +3%  
*number represents answers “excellent” and “above average”        
Please rate the following statements on the community's diversity and openness: June August   Change  
The Quad Cities is a welcoming place 79% 85% +6%  
The Quad Cities has a good diversity of people and cultures 67% 65%   -2%  
Opportunities, communities, and networks in the Quad Cities are accessible and open to a diverse range of people and cultures. 65% 70%     +5%  
The Quad Cities is an inclusive place 57% 65%   +8%  
The Quad Cities has active and empowering multicultural groups 34% 55%   +21%  
*number represents answers “strongly agree” and “agree”    
June August Change  
Likelihood that you will look for a job in the Quad Cities 60% 70% +10%  
Likelihood that you would raise (or continue to raise) children in the Quad Cities. 57% 65%   +8%  
*number represents answers “very likely” and “somewhat likely”        


“We’re excited to see that once we had the opportunity to showcase our community to young people, their opinion of the quality of life in our region improved overall,” says Aguilar. “There are opportunities for improvement as expressed through the survey, and many of the areas for improvement are already represented as strategies through Q2030.”

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