Since its launch on July 6, Pokemon Go's popularity has soared astronomically. According to Fortune,there are over 65 million users in the United States alone, and by now it's hard not to notice players chasing Pokemon all around the Quad Cities.

Fortune also reported, people are spending $1.6 million per day on in-app purchases, a number that simply cannot be overlooked by businesses. Yelp revealed a search filter last week making it easier than ever to find 'pokestops nearby'. With the game providing unprecedented location specific marketing opportunities, businesses everywhere are looking for ways to squeeze themselves into the action. While we wait for the games developer, Niantic Labs to roll out sponsorship and promotion opportunities for businesses, there are still plenty of tools available to increase your brand visibility.

Pokestops are crowd-sourced into a database and placed at notable locations. If a Stop is near your business, easily use it to your advantage with lures. Users are allowed to purchase and use lures near Pokestops to make Pokemon appear more frequently. Coincidentally these lures that attract more Pokemon are also an easy way to lure customers to your business. Inc. did the math and found, for just under $1.20 per hour, businesses near a Pokestop can keep a lure going constantly. This is an opportunity for businesses to invite users to stop in and keep playing from the comfort of their business. 

If a Stop can't be found nearby, perhaps your business is closer to a Gym - where players can battle to control. Hosting a Gym tournament and offering discounts to battle winners is a great way to incentivize customers. Advertise the tournament in advance, and on game day, players who successfully become gym leaders will be entitled to that discount. 

Pokestops and Gyms aren't the only way for your business to promote, a less labor intensive idea is offering small discounts to players at a certain level or encouraging customers to post on social media about any Pokemon catches inside your business. Locally in the Quad Cities, we've seen Chamber member Vibrant Credit Union park their ice cream truck at Pokestops, utilizing Pokeballs and social media to gain exposure for their brand.

Forbes and Business News Daily release a few more tips to help put Pokemon Go to work for your small business. Has your business jumped in on the craze? Tell us how you are marketing your business to Pokemon Go players.

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