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Rock Island County is Breaking the Rules in all the best ways. In a time when politics seems to be a race to the most absurd extremes of self-dealing and personal aggrandizement, members of both parties on the Rock Island County Board are working to pivot away from self-interest and toward more effective government. Consider that in the past two years, the Board has:

  • Stepped away from amateur micro-management and toward professional administration
  • Adopted a Code of Conduct that replaces the politics of self-interest with the ideals of servant leadership
  • DOWNSIZED itself, cutting 10 part-time office holders
  • Eliminated pension and health insurance eligibility for all of its part-time members
  • Adopted Best Practices in budgeting and capital planning
  • Moved toward a Public-Private Partnership to better ensure the future of Niabi Zoo

Employees of the County are likewise stepping up: the largest bargaining units of Rock Island County employees have approved pay freezes and modest increases for the next five years.

Argus/Dispatch editor Roger Ruthhart indicates that according to "The Rules," re-election was the only standard by which these politicians could gauge their effectiveness. Repeatedly, that rule has been broken as Board members have made tough decisions that place the well-being of the County ahead of their own personal agendas.

And best of all, this is only the beginning.

Submitted by Kai S. Swanson, Rock Island County Board, District 16

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