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Nearly 4 years ago, Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities challenged some ideas about used medical equipment.  

Like the Quad Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Health & Home’s mission is to support the work of Habitat for Humanity and to keep usable materials out of landfills. While the main store, now it its 14th year, deals in building materials, furniture and appliances, the newer, Health & Home branch connects donations of quality home medical items with an appreciative public… at a fraction of retail prices.

This store joins just a handful of similar businesses across the country that are challenging the following ideas: 

If a medical item has been used, it can’t be reused.

Hospitals don’t discard their beds, wheelchairs, bed trays or safety rails between one patient and the next. Careful cleaning of these items is key. ReStore Health & Home utilizes a Hub Scrub equipment cleaner and trained staff and volunteers who are dedicated to providing safe and sanitized equipment at great prices.     

Just because an item has a “medical” use, it has to be costly. 

Thousands of hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, shower benches, commodes and paper dressings donated by local individuals, churches, and senior facilities have been purchased by residents of the Quad Cities (and beyond) at prices far below retail. 

The continual growth of donations and shoppers is a testimony to the service that ReStore Health & Home provides to this community. Proudly providing used medical equipment has allowed us to help thousands of Quad Citians exercise control over the cost of their care while providing strength, stability and self-reliance to many more. In the taming of healthcare costs, reuse of medical equipment is but one “rule breaking” practice that will likely become commonplace.

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