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Necker's Jewelers Breaks the Rules - #breaktherulesqc

At Necker's, we've never been too good at following rules or the normal flow that most businesses go with. When Don Necker bought the jewelry store and changed the name to Necker's Jewelers back in the 50s, he also starting do things his way: the Necker's way.  And like the jewelry store, the Necker's way has also been passed down to the 2nd generation and grown along the way.

How we break the rules:

  • We never say no!  Whenever a good cause asks for help, we find a way to make it happen--we help as many organizations as possible, and attend as many as possible also!
  • We always want to go bigger and better--and the Necker's Jewelers Diamond Dash was born!  Each year the Diamond Dash benefits a new charity, this August will be the 7th Annual Diamond Dash and will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters Mississippi Valley! (At last year's event, we raised $9,000 for Special Olympics Iowa! All while having a blast out and about in the community!)
  • We like to have fun!  Unlike most businesses, we make fun a priority!  We know if our employees are happy at work, that will rub off onto our customers!  Our biggest HR problem (which isn't a bad one!) is that we have employees who know they should retire, but they refuse to leave us!  And we love them!
  • Dave always says, almost daily: "If it's not broke, break it anyway!"  It's his personal motto for how to make things bigger and better!

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