More than 50 elected officials from across the bi-state area were joined by Q2030 Steering Committee members last week to learn how the Regional Action Plan is advancing the Quad Cities region, and the role elected officials play in the process.

The Q2030 Regional Action Plan supports transformational ideas that promote the alignment of people, organizations and resources that will attract and keep talented people, grow new and retain existing jobs and expand economic opportunities for all Quad Citizens. It will only be successful if everyone plays a role in advancing the strategy, and elected officials are crucial partners.
Bettendorf City Administrator and Steering Committee member Decker Ploehn proposed all area city councils embed Q2030 priorities when developing their annual efforts.
Kent Pilcher, Regional Opportunities Council member and Q2030 Tri-Chair, said: "The fact that so many people showed up today validates they believe we are better as one region than individual parts. People now trust the idea of regionalism."
The meeting inspired enthusiasm that could be seen and heard. Pilcher, along with Steering Committee members Don Doucette and Rob Woodall, highlighted a few of the Q2030 priorities, including:  
Leveraging the power of (cool) places: Because thoughtfully designed and programed places will accelerate the things that matter to our region.
Attracting and keeping talented (creative) people: There is no better indicator of a region's economic success then the percentage of skilled and educated people in its community.
Creating a culture of civic engagement (connected): Our region will only transform when people feel responsible for actively shaping the future of our community.
Expand opportunities for all (prosperous): We will leverage the strengths of our region by best positioning the business climate, helping businesses expand, promoting a hotbed of entrepreneurial support and culture and attracting new companies. The Manufacturing Innovation Hub was noted as a key initiative.
Rock Island Mayor Dennis Pauley closed the event with an inspiring message that a "win" in one community is a "win" for the region.
When you're out interacting with our local elected officials, be sure to commend them for their engagement and support of Q2030. Check out the Quad City Times' coverage of the event here. 

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