Dennis Thompson, Chairman and CEO of Thompson Truck and Trailer Inc. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was named the 2016 American Truck Dealers (ATD) Award Finalist at the annual ATD Convention & Exp

Dennis felt truly blessed to be a part of this experience. He explained how he couldn’t have achieved this great honor without the customers, employees, and support of International and Isuzu.

Given as a lifetime achievement award, ATD award sponsors say the Dealer of the Year serves as a “proven example of the best of our industry.”

Judges for the award evaluated the nominees on business, industry and community leadership.

The award is “meant to honor a dealer who is actively leading their businesses in the face of challenge,” the sponsors say.

Thompson Truck and Trailer is very proud to share Dennis Thompson was named as the Finalist for this prestigious award.  We also want to congratulate Tom Bertolino, Vice President of NorCal Kenworth in California for winning the award. 

At Thompson Truck and Trailer our customers, employees, and business partnerships have enabled us to be your partner for the long haul.

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