Zoning for New Investments

Picture this: A company is considering opening a new plant in the Quad Cities region, but the land they need is in an agricultural preservation zone. What happens?

If that location was in Scott County, there aren't clear guidelines established to consider whether the opportunity could move forward. The prospect would likely pass by.

A zoning change considered by the Scott County Planning and Zoning Commission allows Scott County to consider the rare opportunity while also preserving agricultural land. As a result, a business seeking expansion or relocation within Scott County will have an option. The zoning change, called an "industrial floating zone," would put Scott County in a position to consider significant large-scale industrial development proposals outside of city limits and in unincorporated rural Scott County per its comprehensive plan. This could make the Quad Cities region more competitive to attract large-scale investment.

The Quad Cities Chamber has spoken in support of this change. The Scott County Board of Supervisors will soon consider adopting this recommended zoning change that has been a focal point of public debate for over a year. We thank the Scott County Planning and Zoning Commission for voting unanimously (7-0) in favor of creating the industrial floating zone.

We continue to work with economic development professionals throughout the bi-state region to support and advance initiatives that will help the Quad Cities better compete for new jobs and investment.

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