Commerce organized the first ever Bi-State Delegation Visit to the Rock Island Arsenal. State Senators and Representatives from the entire region joined the visit, and have agreed to work together in a bi-state and bipartisan manner to support and partner with the Rock Island Arsenal and local defense community.

The Rock Islands Arsenal's local economic impact exceeds $1.5 billion, has an average salary of $77,000 per year, and is responsible for 21,000 jobs. Having strong support and partnerships with government and the private sector is key to maintaining and growing the Arsenal.

While the Arsenal is a federal entity, its reach spans all of our communities and sectors of business, and there are many opportunities for partnerships without two state governments.

We'd like to thank the following members for dedicating their time to meet with all of the commands, arsenal leadership, and community leaders: Rep. Pat Verschoore, Sen. Neil Anderson's office, Sen. Rita Hart, Sen. Chris Brase, Sen. Roby Smith, Rep. Jim Lykham, and Rep. Mary Wolfe.

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