Brewing up Collaboration

Collaboration on Tap

As a CONNECTED REGION, a Q2030 goal is to make regional partnerships a hallmark of the Quad Cities culture. That includes business sector collaborations, the kinds that keep our homegrown resources local. Crawford Company is teaming up with local craft beer brewers to keep the spirits flowing around the Quad Cities.

Many microbrewers in our region use equipment fabricated by Crawford Company, a Rock Island-based company in business since 1952 that specializes in a variety of products, including brewing equipment. Crawford Company has it covered for microbrewers from design and installation, to completion and technical support.

The Quad Cities region is home to a thriving brew culture with more than a dozen microbrewers, craft brewers and brewpubs in and around the area cooking up whatever your taste buds desire. From ales to lagers, if you're craving a beer, chances are we're brewing it right here in the Quad Cities. There are more than 2,400 craft beer brewers in the U.S., amassing more than $14 billion in beer sales. And our region can boast being a major player in that game. When it comes to craft beer, we're CONNECTED.Check it out.

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