Deere & Company Chairman and CEO Sam Allen addressed community stakeholders from across the region during a recent Regional Vision Summit, and during his speech he said: "At John Deere, we like to tell our employees that our best days are still ahead, and I think that holds true for the Quad Cities as well. As our region moves forward, it's crucial that we be aligned. Business, education, community and government leaders must work in one direction that recognizes their common ground and their shared goals."

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Allen. Our best days are ahead, but this positive sentiment results from the strong foundation of alignment and collaboration that has been laid by representatives from hundreds of member organizations who dedicate their time and talent to fostering a more prosperous Quad Cities. For each of you, I am thankful.

Over the past year, we celebrated the launch of the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub, new direct air service from the Quad Cities to Washington, D.C., and progress on the Regional Vision - now called Q2030. These are just a few of the major accomplishments worth noting.

Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of Chamber members and regional partners, the Quad Cities Chamber continued its work to increase investment and prosperity in the region by driving economic growth, building regional capacity, fostering a cool community, and delivering value to our member businesses. As we reflect on the successes of the past year, collaboration and alignment are the threads that tie it all together.

I invite you to download the Chamber's Annual Report to see a snapshot of successes from this past fiscal year.

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