The Interstate-74 bridge project is one of the most expensive public work projects in our region’s history. For some businesses in the path of progress, it was the end of an era. For Trimble Pointe Companies, the winner of this year’s Innovation Award at the 2015 Community Impact Awards, it was an opportunity to reinvent their entire business model.

Eric Trimble and his son Reid envision the four-company group that forms Trimble Companies: Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory, CityView Celebrations, Watermark Corners, and Veterans Funeral Care as a service that allows everyone in the Quad Cities to celebrate any milestone of life.

Reid Trimble says the change in business model was met with some initial public hesitation. "There was a husband whose wife planned him a surprise birthday party at CityView,” Trimble says. "The entire way to the party she had him convinced it was for a friend. The whole way there he was saying he couldn’t believe someone would want to have a party at a funeral home.” Trimble finishes, "But on the way out I heard him say that he wants to have his birthday with us every year.”

In addition to the event space, the Trimbles have taken the opportunity to further expand the end-of-life services they offer. Built into the building is a crematory allowing families to know that their loved ones will never leave the care of Trimble once entrusted. The small café located on the main floor serves coffee, soda, and bite-sized snacks adding an extra level of comfort. Reid Trimble explains the café is a necessity for grieving families.

"The goal is to make them feel comfortable and comforted,” says Trimble. "You would not believe the amount of people who come in for a funeral and just want a soda. It makes them feel more comfortable.” Trimble finishes, "We wanted to be able to provide that service.”

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